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Can you really build your own website with a DIY website design package?

Posted on 18 November 2011

An opinion on a recent Yell.com article

DIY website design packageI read an article today by Yell.com, who were advising people on whether they could, or should, try to build their own website.

Their advice was pretty straightforward. Yes, they said, if you want to build a fairly basic website, you can use one of the new DIY web design packages. But then they said that if you use one of these packages, you won't be able to adapt the software to suit your own specific requirements.

I don't agree with this - in my experience, and certainly with our own WebMaker package, you can build quite complex websites, even ecommerce websites, using a DIY web design package or website builder. It all comes down to which package you choose.  Some will be quite restrictive in what you can do, others will be very open and will allow you to change and add all manner of extra functions.

So, as with all these things, if you're thinking of doing it yourself, make sure you investigate just how flexible your proposed website builder package will be.  Ask to see examples of working sites that use it, for example, our WebMaker site was built with WebMakerCMS DIY website builder software, and it is an all-singing, all-dancing site that we use to sell our product via an online shop. It's easy to use, you can choose from 100 different designs and you can see how each page on your site will look before you make it live.

I think Yell.com don't have it quite right when they say that you need training in writing and using HTML if you want to build a more complex or ecommerce site - what do you think?

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