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Feature Comparison

WebMaker is a powerful and comprehensive website builder package, packed with extensive features.  The table below shows the standard capabilities available in each of the three products in the WebMaker range, WebMaker CMS, WebMaker PRO and WebMaker SHOP. Also see our Plug-Ins comparison table on this page which shows the additional features available to add at any time. Move your mouse over a feature for more information.

WebMaker Standard Features STD
  Buy Buy Buy
  Buy Buy Buy
Web StorageFor a standard information website of less than 20 pages, you will not need greater than 250 MB. For a site with large images, videos or documents that you want to share, you will need the larger capacity of Pro or Shop. At any time, if you need more storage, you can upgrade. 250Mb 10Gb 10Gb
Bandwidth/month (internet traffic) Bandwidth allows a number of pageviews per month. If you will be having thousands of visitors, then you should select WebMaker Pro or Shop, which have no restrictions as they come with unlimited bandwidth. At any time, if you need more bandwidth, you can upgrade. 3Gb UnLim UnLim
Web Pages WebMaker Standard product gives you the ability to create up to 10 pages on your website. With WebMaker Pro you can create up to 20 pages and with WebMaker Shop you can create an unlimited number of pages. If you buy WebMaker Standard or WebMaker Pro you can purchase extra page packs at any stage if you need to add more pages to your site. 10 20 UnLim
Email Addresses You can have multiple email addresses associated with your new website domain. 30 50 100
.co.uk or .com Domain Name All the WebMaker products give you the ability to choose a .co.uk or a .com domain name. No Yes Yes
Email You can set up your favourite email client, eg Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird to read and send emails from your website, for example, to reply to enquiries that come via the contact us form on your website. Yes Yes Yes
Web Mail Webmaker incorporates a browser email option to allow you to read and reply to website emails from wherever you are, eg if you are traveling and want to use a different computer. Yes Yes Yes
Contact form Contact us forms provide you with the facility to gather information. Our form feature is secure and prevents spammers from collecting your email addresses. The security box ensures people are using the form rather than automated spam scripts. Yes Yes Yes
SEO ready pages You can create different meta keywords and descriptions for each page of your website, making it easier for search engines to find your site. Yes Yes Yes
Site map WebMaker automatically builds a site map from your site and you can allow visitors to display this to help them find what they're looking for. Site maps also help search engines to rank your site. Yes Yes Yes
Search facility Allow visitors to find things on your site quickly and easily by using WebMaker to add a search function to your website. Yes Yes Yes
Advanced image uploading You can upload your own images to pages on your website. Advanced options include changing colours and sizes, adding borders or cropping. Yes Yes Yes
Clear administration WebMaker gives you a secure area to administer your site. The content areas are split into easy to navigate sections. For speed and convenience your site contains hundreds of well placed tool tip advice and how to’s, plus there is an online support function which gives you extensive tips on how to carry out the functions available on your site. Yes Yes Yes
Site wide tool tip help When you are editing your website, help is available throughout WebMaker in the form of Tooltips - little bubbles (like this one) that pop up to help explain menu commands. This makes WebMaker very easy to use. Yes Yes Yes
Site design changer This feature allows you to change your site's main design by selecting from over 100 professionally developed templates. You are free to change your design as often as you like. Yes Yes Yes
Social networking Add social networking logos and links to your web pages to encourage visitors to share your content with their contacts. Yes Yes Yes
Easily control navigation WebMaker allows you to use three main site navigation menus, at the top, side and bottom of the page. You can reorder and rename menus or hide pages so they don't appear on the menus. Yes Yes Yes
Advanced home page Your home page is probably the most important page on your website. WebMaker lets you create an engaging home page with such features as changing banner images, random content and What's New. Yes Yes Yes
Fav icon upload This feature allows you to add a favicon which is short for favourites' icon and is also known as a shortcut icon, website icon, or URL icon. It is usually a small square icon (graphical image) and is associated with your website or webpage. When a visitor uses a browser that provides favicon support, the browser will display your page's favicon in the browser's address bar. Browsers that support a tabbed document normally show a page's favicon next to the page's title on the tab. Yes Yes Yes
Quick easy CSS editor Your website comes with a hundred designs with pre-set CSS styling. You have flexibility to change any of these features. To help keep your site operating at its best performance, we have made it so you can add extra CSS styling. This is if you have a custom website or a specifically customised area. Yes Yes Yes
See who is online A very useful feature which shows you how many people have visited your website since it was last refreshed and the current number of online active visitors to your site. Yes Yes Yes
Advanced form options WebMaker comes complete with one contact form already set up and designed for you. You can create as many forms as you require with multiple options, such as general contact forms, tech support and repeat prescription requests. The available options are extensive. You can add up to 40 additional form fields to each and every form you create depending on your website settings. Yes Yes Yes
Online help documentation WebMaker comes with its own extensive online help website, so if you need to find out how to use a certain feature, you can look it up and follow the instructions. The help covers administration and set-up, design and images, standard features and plug-in features, as well as step-by-step guides for many features. Yes Yes Yes
Basic/advanced mode Running your site in basic mode with only everyday items showing allows you to quickly administer your site. Advanced mode displays more in-depth options which are typically only updated infrequently. Yes Yes Yes
Over 100 website designs to choose from Yes Yes Yes


250Mb 10Gb 10Gb
With WebMaker you can start small and buy extra features as and when you need them.  These extra features are called Plug-Ins and you can buy them either at the initial purchase stage, or online from within your own copy of WebMaker after you have purchased.  This is the list of all Plug-Ins available and which plug-ins are included in each WebMaker product.  To find out more about each plug-in, simply click on its name.
Available Plug-Ins STD PRO SHOP
  Buy Buy Buy
  Buy Buy Buy
Ad MarketingThe ad marketing plug-in allows you to place content or advertisements such as Google ads, within pages of your website. These can be assigned to unique pages and be located in one of several places on the page. view example Yes Yes Yes
Blogs Interact with your customers with the latest news and views on your industry and offerings, using the Insight WebMaker blog pack. Enable visitors to leave feedback and comments to make your website truly interactive. view example Yes Yes Yes
Breadcrumb navigation Breadcrumbs allow visitors to your website to easily see where they are, what section of the site they're in, allowing them to move backwards and forwards through the site without losing their way. Yes Yes Yes
Downloads manager Quickly and easily provide a page containing links to download items such as zip files or PDF documents. Your download links can be grouped into areas or departments to aid viewing and for your security the physical download location is hidden from view. view example Yes Yes Yes
E-Commerce The e-commerce plug-in gives you everything you'll need to sell your products and services online, including unlimited products, shopping cart function, order tracking, full EU VAT & Tax and payment gateways. WebMaker Shop includes the E-commerce plug-in. If you buy WebMaker or WebMaker Pro you can add on the E-commerce plug-in later if you need it. For full details see our page on Webmaker Shop. Yes Yes Yes
FAQs FAQ is short for Frequently Asked Questions. This plug-in offers you the ability to supply commonly asked questions and their respective answers to your clients. This can help administration and more importantly, your clients. It has a unique, built-in search facility and gives you fantastic potential for support. view example No Yes Yes
Google Analytics This feature allows you to insert a piece of special code provided by Google to collect advanced statistics for your site. The statistics can collect information about how clients found your website. This can be from keywords used, which search engines they came from, which page they were referred from, what country they came from and many other statistics. view example No Yes Yes
Image Capture/Bulk Upload The remote image capture feature is a method of collecting an image from another website and saving it to your own server. Bulk uploading is very useful as it allows you to upload multiple images at the same time, rather than one by one. Yes Yes Yes
Image Gallery The image gallery allows you to showcase images of products, photographs, property views and many other types of images. The gallery presents your visitors with thumbnail views which they can then click to enlarge the image they're interested in. view example No Yes Yes
Links Manager Links Manager allows you to add links to other websites all from one location. this can either be for SEO link exchanging, or maybe to provide useful websites to your visitors. view example Yes Yes Yes
Members Area Allow visitors to sign up to your website and have access to locked pages, their saved lists and have a more custom and automatic experience while navigating your site. view example No No No
Missing Images This tool allows you to check your website for missing images. As your website expands you add, change or delete images. If these have been referenced on the site the image will not display. As well as looking bad to visitors it causes errors when the site is checked and can affect SEO. Yes Yes Yes
Missing Pages This tool allows you to check your website for missing static pages. As your website expands you add, change or delete pages. If these have been referenced on the site the page will not display and show a 'page not found error'. As well as looking bad to visitors it causes errors when the site is checked and affects SEO. Yes Yes Yes
Multi-Admin If you have other people in your organisation who need to update your website, the Multi-Admin plug-in allows you to create several administration logins for you and your staff, enabling you to prevent access to areas of your administration to unique logins. No Yes Yes
Newsletter Send newsletters to your clients with our Newsletter plug-in and keep them fully informed about all your products and services. You can send unlimited newsletters, with a choice of template designs, an easily managed mailing list, and easy sign-up for your customers. No No No
Portfolio Create a product/service area with multiple sections. Each section enables you to display your portfolio with expanded information. It lets you expand on the description and show an enlarged image, without taking up valuable page space. view example No Yes Yes
Random Home Content A changing home page ensures that your customers will return to see what's new. Take the pain out of manually updating the home page with WebMaker's dynamic random home page creator. Information is automatically collected from the website and displayed on your home page. You sit back and your customers see lots of activity every time they visit. No Yes Yes
Search Stats Discovering what people are looking for when they come to your website is an invaluable resource. It helps you to get to know your visitors. view example Yes Yes Yes
Send Emails This feature offers a quick way to send an email to your visitors or members from within your own site. You can send anything from a plain text email to templates which you have created. No Yes Yes
SEO Report The site report helps you to check your site and make sure you have it as optimised as possible. This enables you to make sure you are on top of your game and making the most out of your site and search engine listings. No Yes Yes
Site Polls You can use site polls to find out what your website visitors think about products, if your site was useful, which products or services they'd like to see you offering, or just to poll their views on a topic so that you can improve your overall offering or use it in your marketing. view example No Yes Yes
SmartPlayer The interactive SmartPlayer feature allows you to use an interactive Flash player within your website. The SmartPlayer can use and show multiple music files and allows a visitor to play through each music track. view example No No No
Testimonials A quick and convenient way to show what other visitors and clients are saying about your company and services. They are held together on a Testimonials page and can also be displayed randomly throughout the site as visitors navigate through. view example Yes Yes Yes
Add Extra Content Pages WebMaker and WebMaker Pro come with the ability to create up to 10 pages and up to 20 content pages respectively. If you need more you can buy extra page packs. Packs are available for 10, 15, 20, 30 or Unlimited Pages. No No No
Video Gallery With WebMaker you can embed YouTube videos or use desktop video players to play your own videos. Many formats including Flash & MP4 are supported. view example No No No




250Mb 10Gb 10Gb


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