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Is it difficult to get your corporate website updated with new products?

Posted on 16 November 2011

Build a website with WebMaker CMSHow about creating your own website or microsite to get what you need?

Most of our clients want their website to sell for them.  Not necessarily by having an online shopping cart or ecommerce, but they want to be able to promote their new products, new special offers or new events, as soon as they are available.

Sadly, it's not that easy for a lot of people, especially if you work for a foreign-owned company who like to control all the content of the corporate website.  I've known some companies take months just to make a simple change to the corporate website, and in some cases, it just doesn't happen at all! Clearly this is very frustrating if you just want to get on with the job of meeting your sales targets and actually SELL your products and services.

One solution to this kind of problem is to build your own small microsite just for your part of the company, or maybe just for this new product or event.  You can do this with the increasing number of website building packages coming on to the market.  These packages are designed to be used by a marketing or business person, who doesn't need to be technical, and doesn't need to know any HTML or web programming languages.  The only capabilities you need are the ability to use an internet browser, be able to use a Word-like text editor, and be able to upload images using the usual file browse and select method.  You can usually choose from lots of different designs, colours and layouts, so that you can make your microsite fit in with all your corporate brand guidelines.  And you can upload your own logos, images, pdf downloads, video and audio.

Many of our clients have used our WebMaker website builder to create a microsite in this way. One client wanted to build a site that focused on a big press launch, and wanted to invite journalists to register for an event.  Another wanted a site to offer sales-related information to their business partners, and another wanted a separate site to promote their environment friendly approach to business.

Please click to contact us if you'd like to know more about building a microsite yourself.

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