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Image gallery

The WebMaker Image Gallery feature enables you to set up a "lightbox" type display of images relevant to your website.  Each image can then be clicked on and enlarged.

You can also arrange your images into several groups, so that if you have more than one product or service range, you can separate images to make it easier for site visitors to see them.  For example, we have created three groups for this demo site: "WebMaker's 100+ website designs", "General Images" and "Travel Images"

Please click through to the links below to see the different ranges of images we've set up, which demonstrate how this feature works.  Please click on a few images to see how the enlarged image opens up and think about how you could use this for your own website.

View the Image gallery : Over 100 designs available
Over 100 designs available
View the Image gallery : Example Gallery - General Images
Example Gallery - General Images
View the Image gallery : Example Gallery - Travel Images
Example Gallery - Travel Images

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