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WebMaker gives you the ability to devote a whole section of your website to positive comments your customers have made - this is the Testimonials feature.  We've used this feature to show you some comments that customers have made and to show you how this feature works. 

A selection of your testimonials can be displayed in the left hand menu bar of the screen - these can be displayed at random if you select this option.

There is also the option for visitors to your site to submit a comment.  You get the option to hide or to show the comment once it's been made.  Please submit a comment yourself to see how this works.

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Gill Turnbull

We build our own website with WebMaker - now when we have a new event to promote, I can get it on the website straight away.

Jaqui Smithson

I thought it would be daunting to create an ecommerce website to sell my jewellery - but it was really easy.  Now I love my new site and am so glad I did it myself, I saved so much money!

Jean Cooper

We used WebMaker to build a great-looking professional seminar registration microsite, it was much easier than trying to update our corporate website.

John Thirkettle

It was so easy to set up our online shop with the WebMaker website builder - we are selling products already!

Ken Dobson

It's fantastic that I can update my own website wherever I am - with my iPad or even on my smartphone!

Liz Fitzgerald

It's much better to build your own website than to pay a designer a fortune to do it for you.

Mark Fortune

I love all the design templates in WebMaker - I change my site's design regularly to keep it fresh.

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