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Product Reviews on WebMaker

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rate-it-all RATE-IT-ALL
"WebMaker Shop gives me everything I need from information and sales to search engine pick up and twitter. Adding widgets to get extra features was literally done by clicking, as was adding an online shop." Rating: 5 stars
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5 star rating for WebMaker


"WebMaker is the easiest, most powerful website builder I've used. Very easy to create a website that is very professional, easy to change layout & easy to expand." Rating: 5 stars
Read more: http://www.ciao.co.uk

5 star rating for WebMaker
Website Builder Reviews

"Great website builder which let me create a website quickly, easily and without any technical knowledge at a price I could easily afford. When I find a product that is really good and which I feel happy to recommend I want to tell people. So if you want to create a website use WebMaker I think you’ll be very happy." Rating: 5 stars
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5 star rating for WebMaker


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