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For this section, we have used the "Portfolio" feature of WebMaker.  This allows you to showcase your key products and services, with a list on the first page of the section, which you can then click on, to go through to a more detailed explanation. You can choose to list these one underneath each other, as we have done, or display them in 2 or more columns across the page, it's entirely up to you.

Here we show you some examples of websites which have been created using the WebMaker product range.

Butterfly Partner Website

Click here to view : Butterfly Software Butterfly Software already had their main corporate website and wanted to create a separate site where their vendor partners could log in and access support and marketing information not generally available ...

FreeMark Initiative Website

Click here to view : FreeMark Initiative Website Our client Boldon James wanted to create a micro-site for a new sub-brand they were launching. Requirements were to retain their corporate brand guidelines and create a site quickly, and at a reasonable ...

Learning Tree UK Media Website

Click here to view : Learning Tree International Our client Learning Tree International was launching a whole new concept in online learning and wanted to release information to selected UK journalists and editors. Learning Tree already had their corporate ...

Webmaker CMS Site

Click here to view : WebMaker CMS As you'd expect, this WebMaker website was created using all the functionality of the WebMaker product.  In this way, WebMaker is its own showcase and we have used all the product features so that ...
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